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Red-headed Woodpeckers Successfully Fledge Two Birds

Dear Golfing Guests of Maddens Resort,

Thank you for your interest and your Red-headed Woodpecker sightings this summer.  My name is Judd Brink a
volunteer for the Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project. On my last visit last week I watched a pair from hole #8 on The Classic successfully fledge two birds. Fledge means to successfully raise a bird to the point where it is able to leave the nest. This is obviously the first step to helping repopulation the species so we are very excited. Enjoy your summer at Maddens Resort!


Judd Brink, Owner & Guide of Minnesota Backyard Birds

Red-headed woodpecker sighting at The Classic at Madden's July 6 2011


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Red-Headed Woodpeckers

Photo provided by Judd Brink

Greetings friends at Madden’s,

I hope the golf is great and the weather is beautiful. My name is Judd Brink, a member of the Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project. I am surveying Madden’s award winning golf course, The Classic. Yesterday, I observed one nesting pair just behind the number 8 tee box on The Classic course. I hope you will enjoy these beautiful birds. You too can help with reporting your sightings of red-headed woodpeckers to the pro shop.

Thank you, Judd Brink, owner & guide of MN Backyard Birds


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