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Summer Fun Wines

Is it too late to talk about summer wines? We don’t think so! There’s still time for you to enjoy them. Plus when you’re feeling just a bit too cold in the winter, you could always drink them to remind you of summer. Here are some reccommendations off of Madden’s menu from our wine steward, Daniel. To summer!

Getting outside, poolside wines:

Summer white wines:

Perfect for a midday treat– the “Ca da Medicci” Lambursco. Served in a champagne flute with a strawberry garnish, it is like a strawberry creamsicle with bubbles and has one of the lowest alcohol content of wines we sell by the bottle.

Fun addition this year is the novellum chardo. A unsual European chard. Crisp and refreshing, awesome fruits.

A versatile white, by the bottle only– the Kurt Angerer. A Veltliner from Austria. Unusual with a white pepper finish. Is great with fish and grilled meats as well.

For the sweet wine lovers, don’t forget the Prosecco with its apple, honey, peach and melon flavors.

Take it up a notch with the Caymus Conundreum– a maritage of four white grapes, sold in the smaller 375 bottle. Perfect 2-3 glass bottle for those who want to be refreshed without drinking a regular sized bottle of 4-5 glasses.

Summer red wines:

Pinot Noirs are always a good choice. I love the addition of the El Portillo, a great South American red pino. Awesome black cherry and strawberry fruit on the front end with an equally brilliant finish.

**What is your favorite summer wine? Share with us by commenting below or emailing**

Daniel, Madden’s Wine Steward


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Chef Matias Latorre to serve Elk Tenderloin at upcoming event

This week we’ve been featuring information to help you prepare for Madden’s Food and WIne weekend; a run down of events planned, lists of featured chefs, vinters, and presenters, and a simple six step process for wine tasting at home. Today I’d like to introduce you to Matias Latorre, one of our renowned chefs at Madden’s and share with you the dish he will be featuring at our upcoming Food and Wine Weekend.

Chef Matias Latorre

Matias Latorre Ellsworth began his career in Santiago, Chile. Matias attended culinary school for four years with a special French degree, B.T.S from the University of Tolouse, France in Restaurant and Hotel administration. He also completed different courses of Enology and competed in culinary competitions.
Traveling around the world Matias worked as a cook at The Ritz-Carlton Tyson Corner and at the Grand Hyatt in Santiago, Chile, also gaining culinary experience as a Sushi Chef. Matias was Chef Tournant in different restaurants such as The Wildflower and Cucina Rustica in Vail, Colorado. Matias has worked as chef de Cuisine in a fine dining steak house in Santiago, Chile, as well as being the restaurant manager at a French Bistro and Cucina Rustica Italian Restaurant. Matias has been Chef de cuisine at the Restaurant at Madden Inn, The Classic Grill, and now is our Chef at Madden Lodge. We are looking forward to his new dish that will be debuted at our Food and Wine Weekend, August 26-28.

Featured Elk Tenderloin

Matias will serve rosemary and merken rubbed elk tenderloin topped with maple glazed roasted root vegetables and bacon served with black currant and Madeira sauce. Now thats a mouth full–literally and figuratively! I can only imagine how delicious this dish will be! The elk will be seasoned with fresh rosemary from our herb gardens and Merken, a combination of dried and smoked chilies, toasted coriander seeds, cumin and salt. Mmmmm! Then the root vegetables: squash, turnips, parsnips, radishes, onions, and a bit of diced bacon, all will be roasted and glazed in maple syrup. My stomaches is growling already! I don’t want to miss anything so imagine it covered in a decadent black currant sauce. All I can say about this special sauce is it  has black currant jam and Madeira wine in it. I don’t want to give anymore of it away!

Food & Wine Weekend

Join us for Food and Wine weekend at the end of August and you’ll get to try this fantastic dish. And the best thing is, this is only one meal! The whole weekend will be packed with amazing recipes from well-known chefs both from Madden’s and from several Twin Cities restaurants. And of course it is Food and Wine weekend so you’ll also get to indulge in wine tastings with vinters from around the U.S. I’ll stop my plug here. I think the recipe speaks for itself. If you’d like to join us for the event or learn more, please call our reservationists at 800.642.5363 or visit our website at


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Simple 6 Step Process for Wine Tasting at Home

This week on our blog is dedicated to food and wine; specifically our upcoming Food and Wine Weekend (August 26-28). To get you in a wine tasting mood, I suggest hosting your own wine tasting party. Here are some simple steps to hosting your own party from our own wine steward, Daniel:

A great way to enjoy a bottle or two of wine with friends is to host a wine tasting. Put a nice spin on the tasting by making it into a food pairing test: pairing the right wine with a good meal will always enhance any future dining experience.

Even for the novice wine drinker, this simple test should prove helpful, fun, and no doubt great for conversation. To get started here’s what you’ll need:

Wine (of course!)

Apart from the wine, water is key as it is important to clear your palate between tastes. Bananas and mild white cheeses are usually best for this simple test. Try this test with a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red. For the best results, start on the light end–moving from white to red with your wine, and from fruit to cheese to chocolate with your samplings.

1. Start with a bite of the fruit. Then follow with a sip of wine. If the flavors don’t seem to clash and they compliment one another then it should pair well with most fish or any light fare.

2. Be sure to drink the water between each sampling.

3. Move on and get a bite of the cheese with a wine. If these flavors seem to compliment each other and don’t clash, the wine should pair well with milk sauces and cream ladened dishes.

4. Again water before you go on to the chocolate.

5. After the taste of chocolate and a sip of wine, if the flavors compliment one another then the wine should pair well with most grilled or spicy dishes.

6. Finish off the bottle of white before going through the same process with your red wine.

Of course there are no absolutes as individual tastes are subjective. Make sure to share with your tasting partners the flavors that you do taste. If you find that you enjoy a particular property of the wine, take note and look for it when considering future wine purchases.

Enjoy, Daniel, Madden’s Wine Steward

**Let us know how your home wine tasting went. Comment below or email us at**

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Featured Chefs, Presenters, & Vinters for the 2011 Food & Wine Weekend

We’re counting down the days until our Food & Wine Weekend! Here is a sneak peak into the chefs, presenters, and vinters who will be at the event.


Jake Uttich, Oceannaire
Adam Bartos, The St. Paul Grill
Lance Kappas, The Saint Paul Hotel
Brian Bossert, Tria
Adam Leisenheimer, Enjoy!
Ken Minder, RJ’s American Grill
George Snyder, Pazzaluna
Bob Schuld, Madden’s Food & Beverage Head/Executive Chef
Amy DeSanto, Madden’s Pastry Chef
Matias Latorre, Madden’s
Mike Scofield, Madden’s
To learn more about the chefs and their backgrounds, please visit our website.


B.T. McElrath, Chocolatier
Bill Waddington, The Tea Source
Alan Krohnke, Roastery 7


Chateue Ste Michelle
Majestic Wines
J Lohr
Heck Estates
Chiensis & Oveya Negra
Paustis Wines
Smoking Loon

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What to Expect at Madden’s Food and Wine Weekend 2011

We are excited to announce our 2nd annual Food and Wine Weekend at Madden’s. This year it will take place from August 26-28. The resort will be buzzing with renowned chefs and vinters. Join us and not only will you be able to enjoy their decadent dishes and wines, but you will also be able rub elbows with them during our welcome reception, wine tastings, demonstrations, and golf outings. Here is what you can look forward to when you join us.

Friday August 26:

A guest chats with vinters at last year's Food and Wine weekend

  • 5:30-6:30 pm Welcome Reception
  • 6:30- pm Dinner, Cookout and music by Burrito Deluxe at Wilson Bay Beach
  • 8-11 pm Bonfire
  • 9 pm-1 am Entertainment at the O’Madden Pub

Saturday August 27:

  • 7- 9 am, Breakfast
  • 8 am, Coffee Station
  • 8 am, 9 hole scramble with vintners and chefs – You’ll be paired up with the Chefs and Vintners for a fun event! Pine Beach East golf course
  • 9 am, Tea 101 with Bill Waddington of the Tea Source
  • 10 am, Pastry Chef Amy Desanto demonstrates techniques in preparation and presentation of a desserts
  • 11 am, Current Trends in Handcrafted Chocolate with B.T. McElrath
  • 1-3 pm, Wine Tasting (by reservation – space is limited)
  • 3:30-5 pm, Wine Tasting (by reservation, space is limited)
  • 5:30-6:30 pm, Reception and wine tasting
  • 6:30 pm, Dinner, Guest chefs and Madden’s chefs prepare their specialty foods, paired with the perfect wines
  • 10 pm, Burrito Deluxe performs O’Madden Pub

Sunday August 28:

  • 7 -10 am Coffee Station
  • 8-11 am Brunch, Guest chefs featuring their specialties at multiple stations The Restaurant at Madden Inn

*Events/times/locations subject to change


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Red Wine for Beginner Wine Connoisseurs

For those beginning your wine experience, we should talk about reds. Most people who try red wine for the first time either love it or hate it. Usually a big Cabernet will be the reason for rejection. The same way that you would add words to your vocabulary–so must it be with red wines–start easy and build. By the time you get to the Cabernet, you will have learned to appreciate all that is there. I tell most people to look for a wine from Gamay grapes or beaujolous. These are more on the sweet side with lots of dark berry flavors. Once comfortable with these, ease your way up the red ladder. Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet. These are just your basics, but they are great guide posts on your wine appreciation path.

Enjoy, Daniel, Madden’s wine steward


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Our Wine Steward

A note from Elizabeth:

Did you know table wine consumption has increased by 41% in the last decade? (This was noted by Food Art editor/publisher Ariane Batterberry in her editor’s note in the April 2011 issue of Food Arts).

What I mean by table wine consumption is people drinking wine at restaurants. In light of this newly learned statistic, I invited our wine steward, Daniel to provide a few pointers for our readers. Then, throughout the summer, we will feature Daniel’s suggestions for wines to try and how best to pair them.

Walleye served with a white wine at Madden's

From Daniel:

What is your favorite kind of wine?
Personally I prefer reds to whites because of the wide variety and most recently because of the complex blends.

Seasonal Favorites:
With summer upon us, we should talk about some of my seasonal favorites. Perfect for a light lunch or light dinner (or even something special by the pool), the Ca da Medicci Lambrusco. Drinks a little like a strawberry creamsicle with bubbles. Comparable in alcohol content to a few beers–friends can share a couple of bottles in an afternoon!

Another great table white for the summer is one of a few quadruple grape blends: Caymus’ Conundrun. It will appeal to the Riesling and white zinfandel crowd. It is a good compromise for Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio lovers.

Another favorite, for its uniqueness and versitility, is Kurt Angerer’s Veltliner. This Austrian white has some well rounded fruit flavors on the front end with an awesome white pepper finish.

All of these wines I listed will go well with light fare — pastas, salad, fish — and because of it’s pepper finish, the Velttiner can even stand well with something off the grill.

More seasonal favorites to come next post, Daniel, Madden’s wine steward


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