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Red Wine for Beginner Wine Connoisseurs

For those beginning your wine experience, we should talk about reds. Most people who try red wine for the first time either love it or hate it. Usually a big Cabernet will be the reason for rejection. The same way that you would add words to your vocabulary–so must it be with red wines–start easy and build. By the time you get to the Cabernet, you will have learned to appreciate all that is there. I tell most people to look for a wine from Gamay grapes or beaujolous. These are more on the sweet side with lots of dark berry flavors. Once comfortable with these, ease your way up the red ladder. Pinot Noir, Merlot, Shiraz, Cabernet. These are just your basics, but they are great guide posts on your wine appreciation path.

Enjoy, Daniel, Madden’s wine steward


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