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Aviation Today

At Madden’s we are lucky enough to be right next a small airport: East Gull Lake Airport. Some of our guests will fly in to join us. Cool right? We even have a nearby company (Wings over Water) who can help you get your seaplane certification while you visit. I just wanted to give you a little background in case you’re wondering why a resort would write about aviation.

The purpose of my post though is to share some good articles I’ve read about seaplanes and aviation in general. I don’t claim to be an expert on the topic, but I hope you will enjoy learning alongside me. First, I’ll brief you with some terms for those new to the industry:

AOPA: Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
FAA: Federal Aviation Administration
AD: Airworthiness Directive
Cessna: a type of aircraft often used in

The Articles:

General Aviation Pilots Assist National Weather Service in Gathering Storm Damage Data

AOPA Not Satisfied with FAA’s Proposed AD on Cessna Icing

Forbes Offers New Website for Business Travelers (New website)

Free Aircraft Checklists

AirVenture Event in OshKosh to Host World’s Largest Airship

**Read an aviation article recently your found interesting? Please share! Comment below**

Fly Safe, Elizabeth

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