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Confessions of an Assistant Event Coordinator

Most guests don’t realize how much work is done “behind the scenes” to prepare for groups of guests coming into the resort.  Most of the behind the scenes stuff that I deal with is for corporate meetings and conferences. We coordinate everything from where the group will stay on the resort to what kind of beverages are served during their functions.  Functions usually include, but are not limited too, meetings, social receptions, dinners, award ceremonies, team building, recreation, and of course golf! Keep checking in on our blog as I plan to write about some of the fun behind the scenes things I help Madden’s Event Coordinators with.

Madden’s does do several weddings in the summer that I help plan as well: we usually average 7-10 weddings a season.  And with weddings the work can be surprising; we really never know if we’ll be doing basic planning tasks, like seating charts and menu assignments or if we’ll be hanging paper lanterns and setting up centerpieces. I have assisted with 5 weddings this season, all of which were beautiful, but as different as night and day! More to come on that in another post!

One of the most important things I have learned about the hospitality industry in my short time in this position is that the small details tend to be the ones that please guests most.  In a world where many other hospitality businesses have thrown detailing out the window, offering sloppy service with little room for flexibility, I am incredibly proud to be an employee at Madden’s: a place where everyone understands that cutting corners
is not the way to our guest’s hearts!

As Ever, Sarah Schultz


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Meeting Professionals Wear Many Hats

Meeting professionals often end up wearing many hats. One day they are organizing flights and hotel rooms and another day they are negotiating contracts. I just want to say “hats off” to you meeting planners!

I found a fun video that a meeting planner might appreciate. The first half is kind of funny and the second half is an ad. The service looks interesting though I cannot speak to it’s quality. Either way, the intro is entertaining.

**So the video got me thinking. How many hats do YOU wear? Send me an email at or comment below. I will write a feature post on whoever can come up with the most “hats.”**

Until next time, Elizabeth

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