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Herb Garden at The Classic

Going Green

At Madden’s we’ve been “going green” for a quite a while now. One of our important intitiatives in our “green” plan is on-site herb gardens. The fresh herbs are used in all of our restaurants.

Our newest edition to our herb gardens is a new garden at The Classic Grill and golf course. This allows our chef at The Classic Grill to step right outside to pick the fresh herbs he needs for the day. How simple!

Madden’s Herb Gardens: The Basics

-New this year to our herb gardens is spearmint–It’s planted near every site that serves alcohol and is perfect for making fresh Mojitos
-All herbs at Madden’s are grown from seed in our greenhouse starting in March
-Basil & Rosemary are the most used fresh herbs at Madden’s
-Our horticulturist, Julie, notes most herbs are simple to grow on your own with Rosemary being the easiest

Placing stepping stones in the new herb garden at The Classic Grill

**Do you have an herb garden at home? What is your favorite herb? You’re welcome to comment below or email me at**

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