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Nostalgic Wings Biplane Ride

Until just the other day, I didn’t know the difference between a biplane and a float plane. Okay, I get that a float plane is one with floats on it… but what is a biplane? I was lucky enough to find out!

I’ve been on an airplane several times. I’ve even been on a helicopter ride as a kid, but I have to say nothing compares to a ride on Nostalgic Wings’ old-fashioned biplane. Nostalgic Wings, of Rosemount, Minnesota, travels around to small airports around the Midwest giving biplane rides. The owner and pilot, Clay Adams, has many years of experience under his belt from corporate jets to flying as a Captain for Northwest. Flying was a family value growing up and Clay took his first solo flight at sixteen. So when Nostalgic Wings arrived at the East Gull Lake Airport across the road from Madden’s, I just had to try it!

The open cockpit allowed Clay and I the most amazing views. I knew Pine Beach Peninsula was beautiful, but words can’t describe how much better the area looks from above…

Madden's Resort on Pine Beach Peninsula on Gull Lake

You may think this photo looks nice–I think so–but even it isn’t as good as the real thing. If you are lucky enough to live near the airport Clay is taking off from, he will fly over your house for you! Wouldn’t that be fun!

The Lodge at Madden's

A young family enjoyed their flight as well

Beautiful View of Gull Lake Area

Clay’s daughter, Sky (hmmm… I wonder where he came up with that name?) informed me they will likely be returning to the East Gull Lake Airport later in the summer. You can view the full schedule for biplane rides online.

Even if you’re scared of flying, this is a trip I recommend taking! Elizabeth


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