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Nasturtium: Another Edible Flower

Orchids are not the only edible flowers we use here at Madden’s. Nasturtium is another flower used by many in the kitchen and is very simple to grow. In fact, we have the colorful flowers planted around the resort in various gardens. Look for our chef’s out clipping and feel free to clip a few for yourself!

Enjoy, Julie, Madden’s Horticulturist

(Remember edible flower safety tips. If you’re not sure if its safe to eat, ASK!)


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Our Wine Steward

A note from Elizabeth:

Did you know table wine consumption has increased by 41% in the last decade? (This was noted by Food Art editor/publisher Ariane Batterberry in her editor’s note in the April 2011 issue of Food Arts).

What I mean by table wine consumption is people drinking wine at restaurants. In light of this newly learned statistic, I invited our wine steward, Daniel to provide a few pointers for our readers. Then, throughout the summer, we will feature Daniel’s suggestions for wines to try and how best to pair them.

Walleye served with a white wine at Madden's

From Daniel:

What is your favorite kind of wine?
Personally I prefer reds to whites because of the wide variety and most recently because of the complex blends.

Seasonal Favorites:
With summer upon us, we should talk about some of my seasonal favorites. Perfect for a light lunch or light dinner (or even something special by the pool), the Ca da Medicci Lambrusco. Drinks a little like a strawberry creamsicle with bubbles. Comparable in alcohol content to a few beers–friends can share a couple of bottles in an afternoon!

Another great table white for the summer is one of a few quadruple grape blends: Caymus’ Conundrun. It will appeal to the Riesling and white zinfandel crowd. It is a good compromise for Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio lovers.

Another favorite, for its uniqueness and versitility, is Kurt Angerer’s Veltliner. This Austrian white has some well rounded fruit flavors on the front end with an awesome white pepper finish.

All of these wines I listed will go well with light fare — pastas, salad, fish — and because of it’s pepper finish, the Velttiner can even stand well with something off the grill.

More seasonal favorites to come next post, Daniel, Madden’s wine steward


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