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Red-headed Woodpeckers Successfully Fledge Two Birds

Dear Golfing Guests of Maddens Resort,

Thank you for your interest and your Red-headed Woodpecker sightings this summer.  My name is Judd Brink a
volunteer for the Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project. On my last visit last week I watched a pair from hole #8 on The Classic successfully fledge two birds. Fledge means to successfully raise a bird to the point where it is able to leave the nest. This is obviously the first step to helping repopulation the species so we are very excited. Enjoy your summer at Maddens Resort!


Judd Brink, Owner & Guide of Minnesota Backyard Birds

Red-headed woodpecker sighting at The Classic at Madden's July 6 2011


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Fishing Conditions: July 15, 2011

Gull Lake is bursting at the seams with baitfish!  There must have been an awesome hatch and I do believe this makes the walleye “bite” a little tough. Bass, pan fish and pike never seem to turn down a meal and this is holding true.  We are catching a lot of fish (bass, rock bass, pan fish, pike and some walleyes).  If you would just like some rod bending action, hold the boat in 15 feet and work the edge of the weeds with a minnow (jig it, Lindy Rig it or slip bobber it!), you will have plenty of action. Wilson Bay is always a safe bet for this type of action.

Until next time, Walleyedan


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Fishing Conditions: July 8, 2011

We just got off the waters of Gull Lake after another fun, productive trip. The walleye action has been tough the last week to 10 days but we have switched our approach and have started to just “catch”!  We pitched Gopher Tackle mushroom head jigs (yellow) and yellow chartruse shade 3″ Gulp Alive minnows up into the cabbage weeds (8-16′). We caught a couple of nice walleyes, some northerns, a bunch of rock bass, quite a few largemouth, a crappie and some bluegills.  Lots of action!  The water temperature at the surface is around 77 degrees.

Until next time, Walleydan


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Bike MS: Team WagHerSheets to ride for a cure

Three members of the fundraising 4-some, Team 150

On June 25th Team WagHerSheets will take to the road as part of the MS 150: a two-day bike ride totaling 150 miles to raise awareness, and most importantly, funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  A small but powerful team of 4 riders, Randy and Michelle Wagner, Kim Herman and Mandy Sheets have been working hard to raise money and prepare for this cycling event that will take them from the North Denver Metro Area to Fort Collins, CO on day one, completing the return trip the following day.  Each day covers approximately 75 miles. 

The idea to ride the MS 150 came from Mandy; she had been setting her sights on this ride for years.  Shortly after college, a close friend of hers was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  Over the years, as Mandy became more involved in the cycling world, she continued to contemplate participating in this event.  This year she decided the time to ride was now. Her friend, along with so many others, needs a cure…they deserve a cure. 

In the months leading up to the event, the team has held several events to raise money and bring attention to MS.  Kim and Mandy threw a “Buck Bash” with over 40 people attending.  Each participant paid a dollar each time he/she played a game, ate food, or used a cup.  It was a fun way to raise money and enjoy some family time, all while learning more about MS.  Kim held a “MS 150 Jeans Day” at the school in which she works, inviting colleagues to bring in $5 for the MS Society in exchange for dressing down.  All four teammates wore orange wristbands and talked about the ride and MS whenever possible to help others become more aware of this disease. Training rides, solicitations and personal learning have all led up to the big event.

The Classic sponsors Bike MS 150 Fundraising Group

With the help of sponsors like Madden’s On Gull and the Classic Golf Course, WagHerSheets has raised over $3,200 for the National MS Society.  During the ride on June 25th and 26th, the team will be sporting their team jerseys that highlight their biggest sponsors, honoring those who have helped support them along the way. It is only with the help of people like Debbie and Brian Thuringer of Madden’s that we are able to get a little closer to the cure. As Team WagHerSheets ride their 150 miles, they will have those friends and colleagues who have supported them in this cause on their minds; it’s wonderful supporters like the Thuringers  and loved ones who suffer from MS that will keep their legs pumping and those wheels turning!

WagHerSheets Bike MS Team

**To donate visit the Amanda’s Bike MS website**

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A Hole in One… Twice?!

John Guild after his second Hole In One

Madden’s golf courses have been home to many memories throughout the years. This story though, is a big one, a story worth celebrating.

John Guild, East Gull Lake resident and long-time season member, has been golfing for most of his life. However he turned a new leaf last week after making two holes in one in a one week span.

The Story Straight from John

“This morning, my oldest son Steve and I decided to play a quick Father’s Day 18 holes at the Madden’s Classic Golf Course.

We got to the 2nd hole, a par 3. As we walked up to the tee box, my son said…”OK dad, how about showing me that “Hole In One Swing” you used last Sunday.” We laughed.

I measured the distance (142 yards, same as the week before at the East Course). I decided on a 7 iron (a little extra club given the foggy, misty morning, heavy air), I stepped up to the ball, swung and watched the ball land three feet in front of the green, bounce onto the green and roll in the hole.

The starter heard the yelling, loaded up a free bottle of Vodka and six pack of Red Bull on his cart, and met us at the next tee box. Nice touch.

Two Sundays, one week apart, two holes in one!

It took almost 65 years for the first one…but only 7 days for the second.

Father’s Day 2011 with my oldest son Steve…priceless and never to be forgotten.

Hope yours was also special, John”

John Guild’s Hole in One Ball on June 19, 2011

The Stats

Hole in One #1
DATE: Sunday, June 12, 2011
COURSE: Pine Beach East at Madden’s
HOLE: #18
CLUB: 8 iron

Hole in One #2
DATE: Sunday, June 19, 2011
COURSE: The Classic at Madden’s
HOLE: #2
CLUB: 7 iron

We were happy to be a part of your best golf memory John! Thanks for choosing Madden’s, Elizabeth

**Have you had a hole in one on one of Madden’s courses? Comment or email me at**


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Fishing Conditions: June 14, 2011

A note from Elizabeth

I’m happy to announce another new “regular” feature writer to our Madden’s blog: Walleyedan. Walleyedan is a fishing guide service provided by Mr. Walleyedan himself and other experienced fisherman. Throughout Walleyedan’s posts he will provide updates on fishing conditions, share pointers and tips, explain fishing terms, and more. Have something fishing related you want to learn about? Comment below or email Check out his website to learn more!

From Walleyedan:

Found nice walleyes out this morning that were cooperating [they were biting]. Depths of 14-20 feet were the best. We were fishing with lindy-rigging with 4 inch red-tail chubs on the windswept shorelines.

Bass and pike are becoming more active as the water is warming up.

Until next time, Walleyedan

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Red-Headed Woodpeckers

Photo provided by Judd Brink

Greetings friends at Madden’s,

I hope the golf is great and the weather is beautiful. My name is Judd Brink, a member of the Red-headed Woodpecker Recovery Project. I am surveying Madden’s award winning golf course, The Classic. Yesterday, I observed one nesting pair just behind the number 8 tee box on The Classic course. I hope you will enjoy these beautiful birds. You too can help with reporting your sightings of red-headed woodpeckers to the pro shop.

Thank you, Judd Brink, owner & guide of MN Backyard Birds


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