Simple 6 Step Process for Wine Tasting at Home

11 Aug

This week on our blog is dedicated to food and wine; specifically our upcoming Food and Wine Weekend (August 26-28). To get you in a wine tasting mood, I suggest hosting your own wine tasting party. Here are some simple steps to hosting your own party from our own wine steward, Daniel:

A great way to enjoy a bottle or two of wine with friends is to host a wine tasting. Put a nice spin on the tasting by making it into a food pairing test: pairing the right wine with a good meal will always enhance any future dining experience.

Even for the novice wine drinker, this simple test should prove helpful, fun, and no doubt great for conversation. To get started here’s what you’ll need:

Wine (of course!)

Apart from the wine, water is key as it is important to clear your palate between tastes. Bananas and mild white cheeses are usually best for this simple test. Try this test with a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red. For the best results, start on the light end–moving from white to red with your wine, and from fruit to cheese to chocolate with your samplings.

1. Start with a bite of the fruit. Then follow with a sip of wine. If the flavors don’t seem to clash and they compliment one another then it should pair well with most fish or any light fare.

2. Be sure to drink the water between each sampling.

3. Move on and get a bite of the cheese with a wine. If these flavors seem to compliment each other and don’t clash, the wine should pair well with milk sauces and cream ladened dishes.

4. Again water before you go on to the chocolate.

5. After the taste of chocolate and a sip of wine, if the flavors compliment one another then the wine should pair well with most grilled or spicy dishes.

6. Finish off the bottle of white before going through the same process with your red wine.

Of course there are no absolutes as individual tastes are subjective. Make sure to share with your tasting partners the flavors that you do taste. If you find that you enjoy a particular property of the wine, take note and look for it when considering future wine purchases.

Enjoy, Daniel, Madden’s Wine Steward

**Let us know how your home wine tasting went. Comment below or email us at**

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