Seaplane Expo Annually Graces the Shores of Madden’s

26 Jul

For the last two years, the Seaplane Pilot’s Association has hosted their expo at Madden’s. Not only do we love hosting their event, we absolutely love the view they provide. The shores of Steamboat Bay from our Marina to our Lodge are lined with seaplanes. Overflow “parking” can be found at the East Gull Lake Airport and along other shores of the resort.

Seaplanes line the shores of Steamboat Bay

Close up of the seaplanes docked along the shore in front of Madden's Sunrise Villas.

The group enjoys their time in trainings and seminars throughout the weekend, but our favorite part is their fly-over on Saturday. The skies fill with seaplanes!

A seaplane takes off from Gull Lake

A seaplane soars over Madden's on Gull Lake

**Have you been able to join us for the seaplane expo in the last few years? We’d love to hear about it! Share your favorite story by commenting below or emailing me at**

Until next time, Elizabeth


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