Madden’s Waterski School Offers Guests A Video of Experience

23 Jul

To stick wih the theme of recreation blog posts for the week, I wanted to tell you about Madden’s Waterski School. Our three well-trained instructors can help you learn to waterski, wakeboard, or watertube!

This season Madden’s has added an exciting technology as a perk for our guests: a waterski cam. You see we’ve had a full service waterski school at Madden’s for many years, but this year we wanted to up the anti.

It started as a idea… how can we record our guests learning to ski (or wakeboard, or watertube) and then be able to get the image or video to them quickly. We started with several ideas. Can we find a camera that sends the video directly to Facebook? Directly to email? We weren’t sure. After a little digging, we finally selected the camera we wanted, the software we needed, a new computer for our Tennis & Croquet Club, we determined the most efficient way to share a video was by posting it on YouTube for our guests to view and share. Then all we had to do was wait. Wait for the camera to come in the mail. Wait for a new computer in the mail. Wait for the software…. but it’s here now! We are pumped.

Then the scary part came: they made me try it! Before now, I had attempted waterskiing only one other time… and failed horribly. How do you think I did this time? Check out my video below and see! Oh, and I must note the water, although it was about 65 degrees when I went skiing, felt like 40 degrees. All I could think about was the movie Titanic!

Want to try our water ski school for yourself? You can sign up at our Tennis & Croquet Club by calling ext 5913 when on-site or 218-855-5913 from home. Rates are $40/half hour and $80/hour. Videos will be edited and posted on YouTube for free after your experience!

As always, feel free to comment or email me at, Elizabeth


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