1…2…3…Pull! Trap Shooting at Madden’s

19 Jul

So you want to try something different. And I mean really different. Waterbikes and horseback riding just isn’t enough for you. Well, we’ve got you covered: trap shooting.

Trap shooting is one of the neat niche activities that people don’t often hear about, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth learning about! There are many organizations & businesses built around the sport including the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA), The National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA), Minnesota Trap Shooting AssociationTrapshooting Clinics, and Trap & Field Magazine. There is even an Olympic event for it along with different variations of the sport.

So, where do you come in? At Madden’s of course! At Madden’s we have a trap shooting range on property and trained professionals to help. They can teach you how to shoot correctly if its your first time or they’ll provide suggestions to seasoned shooters.

Terms to know:

Shotgun: A shotgun is the type of gun used for trapshooting (as seen in the photo above). Instead of shooting out bullets (like in a pistol) it shoots out “shot” instead. Don’t forget though, even though it is a shotgun it is still a REAL gun and requires special care and safety precautions.

Shell: the container that holds the shot and is loaded into the shotgun. The shell’s casing will fall to the ground after you fire the gun. Don’t touch it right away. They’re hot! The image at right shows a shell with all of the interworkings that allow it to fire correctly.

Shot: Small beads of lead that explode out of the shell upon firing a shotgun. Shot is what will ultimately hit (or miss…) the clay pigeon you are shooting at.

Clay pigeons: Flat disks that are thrown from a machine into the air. Your goal? To hit the clay pigeons in mid-air. They come in various colors. The ones we use at Madden’s are biodegradable.

Pull: “Pull” is what you will say when you want our staff to release another skeet into the air for you to fire at. The term pull is used because a lever has to be pulled to release the clay pigeon into the air. Always be sure the area in front of you and to your sides is clear before saying pull.

What to expect your first time:

-Safety is of the utmost importance. Please listen carefully as your instructor explains directions. Remember you are using a real gun with real lead shot.

-You’ll need to wear eye protection (provided by Madden’s)

-You’ll need to wear ear plugs (provided by Madden’s)

-Be ready for a “kick” after you pull the trigger. This means the gun will “kick back” into your shoulder some. Like in Newton’s law of motion, every action has an equal opposite reaction. So the shot (out of the shell) moves forward toward your target and the gun moves backward toward you. If you hold the gun correctly as you will be instructed you will minimize the kick. Don’t worry it’s not that scary.

-You will likely shoot 25 rounds. This means 25 shots. 5 shots from each station.

-You may be a little sore the next day because your shoulder isn’t used to the kick from the gun.

What you need to know:

When: Generally Wednesdays and Fridays during social season (see your schedule for times) or by appointment for larger groups
Where: Meet at the Tennis & Croquet Club
Reserve: Reserve in advance so we can plan for supplies please.

We hope you will join us, Elizabeth

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