Fun Kid’s Craft Ideas

15 Jul

Yesterday we shared some great “summer olympic” games for kids. Now, here are some fun craft ideas.

Picture Frames

Materials needed:

Front view of a popsicle stick picture frame

-popsicle sticks
-glue or hot glue
-Any kind of craft items to decorate the frame (i.e. seashells, confetti, etc.)

How to craft:
There are  several ways to approaching this craft. You
can have the children paint their popsicle sticks first
then have them lay out how they would like their
frame to look. Or have them lay out the frame in the
design they want then paint it after gluing it together
(be sure NOT to attach the stand on the back until

Rear view of popsicle stick picture frame

after the kids are finished decorating). We would
suggest designing the picture frame first; then
applying paint and other craft items. Be creative and
put that special unique art to your picture frame.

Paper Airplanes

Materials needed:
-printing or writing paper

How to craft:
Kids LOVE to fly their very own airplane that they built themselves. We suggest going to the following website for great folding ideas.

Bug Jar

Materials needed:
-clear plastic jar or container
-construction paper or foam paper
-google eyes
-pipe cleaners

How to craft:
This is a simple yet fun activity to do with your children because it’s both an inside and outside activity that allows the children to marvel at bugs. First find a clear plastic container that would be simple enough to fill with leafs, dirt, sticks and bugs, and also simple enough to poke holes into for breathing purposes. First cut out  green construction or foam paper in the shape of grass long enough that would cover round the plastic jar. This will be glued to the bottom circumference of the jar. Next you can cut out green leafs to spread sporadically on the jar along with any other color paper in the  shape of bugs. Be careful not to apply too much decoration to prevent viewing of the bugs the children will collect for their jar.

Next, glue on 2 googly eyes on the top of the jar near the lid. After, poking 2 holes in the lid right above the eyes to insert pipe cleaners to make antennas. After, poke small enough holes in the lid so hat the insects or bugs the children collect won’t be able to crawl out. Have the children go out and find any grass, leafs, dirt, pine cones they want to fill their jar half way. The final step is to have the children take out their bug jars and collect any bugs they want. If they wish to have an ant farm, have them fill their jar with grainy sand about ¾ of the way. Then have them carefully collect a lot of ants to make a colony. Watch the ants dig their holes and how they work!

Enjoy! Madden’s Adventure Cove Staff



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