Fun Kid’s Game Ideas for Summer: Summer Olympics

14 Jul

Looking for an exciting game or activity for the kids?  Look no further for some simple, yet fun games and activities to throw together quickly and for little to no cost! In this post we’ll talk about one of our favorites: summer olympics. Then in the next couple days we’ll share a few more posts on more activities and crafts. Even a fun and delicious dessert!

Summer Olympics

Materials needed:

Need an activity to burn some energy? Our summer olympic ideas are sure to wear out even the most energetic.

-Several pieces of small rope or material to tie legs together for three-legged races
-Water balloons
-Eggs and spoons
-Party balloons
-Darts and plywood

How to play:
Have a master score card for every player involved. Scoring is as follows for each event:
1st place: 3 points
2nd place: 2 points
3rd place: 1 point

*Each team member will receive the same amount of points for the above placing’s.  No two people are allowed to be on the same team twice UNLESS all players have been used.

Games for Summer Olympics:

Three legged Race!

Materials needed:
-Rope or material

How to play:
Set up a start and finish line outside a good distance apart for the children to run back and forth with some difficulty. Or create a challenging obstacle course that might include hills, stairs, water puddles, etc. Tie a
small rope or material (i.e. bandana or old t-shirt) around the right ankle of one child and around the left ankle on another child. They must work together to get a good run to get back and forth, to and from the start and
finish lines against other racers!

You could always substitute this game (or add another) for an old-fashioned sack race if you can find bags big enough for your kids. For those who haven’t heard of sack races, you simply have your child climb into a large sturdy bag that comes up to their waist (people used to use potato sacks) and have them hop to the finish line racing their friends or siblings.

Water balloon/egg toss!

Materials needed:

Kids at Adventure Cove participate in a water balloon toss on a hot summer day.

-Water balloons or eggs

How to play:
With teams of 2, have the children face their partners in arms reach within each other to start with ALL the eggs/balloons starting on one side of the line. The judge will yell “toss” and the players will toss their
balloons/eggs to their partner. After each toss have one line take a giant step back, or have the judge have one line stand even with him or her after each toss. Keep backing up until there is no more room or until a team has won.

Back to back they face each other!

Materials needed:
-Party Balloons or water ballons

How to play:
With teams of 2, have the teams stand back to back. Place a balloon (replace with water balloons to make it a little more interesting!) between their backs and have them keep the balloon there without dropping or popping it. Have a start and finish line for them to try to work together to win the race! In the event of a balloon dropping, the team must go back to start and start over. In the event a balloon pops, that team is out.

Wheel barrow races

Materials needed:

How to play:
Make two lines: one line that is the start and finish and another midline for the teams to switch roles. Have one teammate start on his or her hands and have their partner hold up their legs by their ankles. At start, have the players race on their hands across to the midway line. Have the partners trade positions, and race back to the finish line. The players cannot advance if the wheel barrel child uses anything but their hands racing for them.

Balloon darts

Materials  needed:
-8 Darts
-3X4 Plywood

How to play:

Staple a good amount of balloons onto a piece of plywood or anything you deem safe to staple and throw darts at. Give the kids 8 darts to throw to try to pop as many balloons as they can. Set the plywood at a decently challenging distance (based on the childrens’ age and ability). The most balloons popped wins!

Spoon Races

Materials needed:
-Hardboiled eggs (1-2 per participant)
-Spoons (any kind will do as long as you have the same kind for each participant)

How to play:
Designate a start and finish line. Hand each participant an egg and a spoon. This game can be played as a relay race between groups or as an individual race. To begin, have the racers place the egg in the spoon and when you say “go” they should run as fast as they can to the finish line without dropping the egg. If the egg is dropped they have to start over from the beginning. To make it more challenging for the older kids, have them hold the spoon in their mouth instead of in their hand.

Look for tomorrow post for more ideas! Enjoy your summer fun, Madden’s Adventure Cove Staff

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