Fourth of July 2011

05 Jul

If you’ve been reading along with the blog, you’ve learned about family traditions at Madden’s, Madden’s 4th of July Traditions, and behind the scenes for our 4th of July fireworks. I even posted about the Beach Party  that took place Sunday night. Hours and hours of preparation have led up to this one day. Our staff in all areas of the resort have been working hard non stop! They fed 450 at the cook-out!

Now that we’ve spent all of this time preparing we are a little sad that it is over. We hope you’ve enjoyed your stay with us. Weren’t able to make it this year? Join us next year! We’re taking reservations already.

Below is a photo recap of the events from yesterday’s Fourth of July celebration at Madden’s.

Zambelli Fireworks spent all day preparing for the magnificent firework show

Adventure Cove Kid's prepare their float for their parade around the resort

Mom gets a snapshot of the kid's before taking off for the parade

The Adventure Cove Children's Parade

The massive buffet line at the evening cook-out. Not including the dessert station or an individual station for each meat.

Enthusiastic Madden's servers prepare for the cook-out

Families relax after the cook-out meal before the fireworks

Hundreds of guests pack the deck and first hole on Pine Beach East course to watch the fireworks

Guests fill the first hole on Pine Beach East Golf Course awating the fireworks

Boats fill Steamboat Bay in front of Madden's marina awaiting fireworks

Madden's employees Fred (left) and Jackson (right) sing the national anthem before the fireworks begin

It was tough to get any photo that showed the magnitude of the fireworks. I’ll leave it to your imagination… Join us next year and find out.

Happy Birthday America, Elizabeth


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