Fourth of July Fireworks at Madden’s

01 Jul

What do you think of when you think of fireworks? The Fourth of July? Picnics in the park? The bright lights?

Well, that’s what I think of. But for many others, there is more to fireworks than the ooohs and aaahs.

Zambelli Fireworks, the largest firework company in the nation will be back at Madden’s this year for our Fourth of July Celebration. Working together with Madden’s staff, Zambelli has produced fantastic firework shows at Madden’s for about 7 years.

About 45 shells per minute will be fired off during the show! That amounts to about 900 total shells in 20 minutes totaling around 1000 pounds of explosives. Wow!

Behind the Scenes

From the audience’s standpoint, the fireworks happen like magic. But for a few others, it takes a lot more work. Terry Dolan, Event Services Manager, has worked at Madden’s for 24 years. His job is to make many of the behind the scenes details happen at Madden’s: from setting up tables and tents for a cook out to every detail of your event or conference, Terry and his team make it happen. So I asked Terry to let us in on some of details. Here’s what I learned.

When I picture a team putting on a firework show, I see a bunch of guys running around lighting fireworks in some planned order. It may have been that way in the past, but not today. Terry told me about the racks and switchboard Zambelli uses to line up the fireworks safely and quickly.

Each firework is called a shell. They can vary in size. The majority of fireworks Madden’s uses are 4 inch shells. We use shells that large so the fireworks will get above the trees so people can see them from all around.

Various types of racks used for loading and aiming fireworks

It used to be that you had to dig a hole in the ground, place the shell in, and then light the firework by hand. Today, instead of digging holes, firework professionals use racks. Racks come in all different forms, but the idea is that the shell will slide down into a tube on the rack. Then you strategically aim each tube so your entire audience can see it. Finally it can be set up so the firework takes off at one push of a button on a battery-powered switchboard. Okay, so its a little more complicated than that, but you can picture it right? Nine hundred 4-inch shells dropped in tubes only to be launched out and explode with glory at the touch of a button. No wonder it looks so amazing! Look for my post after the Fourth of July Celebration. I’ll see what I can learn about the fireworks during set up.

What you need to know

What: Fourth of July Fireworks
Date: July 4, 2011
Time: 10:15 pm
Location: Madden’s Resort

**Will you be joining us this year for the fireworks? Tell us your 4th of July plans! Comment or email me at**


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6 responses to “Fourth of July Fireworks at Madden’s

  1. Beth

    July 4, 2011 at 1:29 PM

    We’re planning on going to photograph the fireworks. Hopefully we’ll find a good spot. I’ve always wanted to shoot them over a lake!

  2. maddensresort

    July 4, 2011 at 2:24 PM

    They really are beautiful over the lake. Come early because space will fill up. I’m told the best view is from the deck at the Madden Inn.


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