Results from Camp Confidence’s Tournaments

20 Jun

Camp Confidence’s Annual Golf and Fishing Fundraiser Tournaments took place over the weekend. Here are the results.

38th Annual Golf Classic:

1st Place: Bremer Bank Team: Brad Holland, Mike
Riley, Joel Clough, Justin Heitkamp

2nd Place: Team Drytech: Kevin Johnson, Tom
Carney, Curt Bennett, Jason Severson

3rd Place: WW Thompson Team: Brett Thompson,
Derek, Dan & Scott

Closest to Pin #2 Women-Pat Alrichter
Closest to Pin #2 Men-Chris Quisberg

Closest to Pin #14 Women-Rox Thompson
Closest to Pin #14 Men-Charlie Mills

Longest Drive #10 Women-Pam Minden
Longest Drive #13 Men-Team Drytech

Longest Putt #18 Men-Regi Clow
Longest Putt #18 Women-Ruth Tiedeman

Skin on hole #10-Kevin Doyle’s Team

28th Annual Fishing Tournament

Lunker Awards:
Bass Lunker: Boat #7, Bill Sherck (Guide), Rob Swenda, Karen Swenda – 4lbs, 1oz

A Big Catch. Photo by Pam Sachs

Walleye Lunker: Boat #22, Walleye Dan Eigen (Guide), Shelly Eigen, Ike Eigen – 5lbs, 10oz
Northern Lunker: Boat #27, Dennis Mackendanz (Guide), Diane Abbett, Jane Roehl – 13lbs, 12oz

Bass Awards:
1st Place: Boat #36, LeRoy Ras (Guide), Fran Ras, Lauren Ras – 8lbs, 11oz
2nd Place: Boat #11, David Meyer Jr. (Guide), Matt Sunquist, Parker Sunquist – 7lbs, 6oz
3rd Place (tie): Boat #8, Brian Hansen (Guide), Ken Phad, Dick Jacobson and
Boat #30, Bill Mathis (Guide), Michelle Mathis – 6lbs, 14 oz

Walleye Awards:
1st Place: Boat #4, Gary Roach (Guide), Nick Adams, Clark Zard – 9lbs, 5oz
2nd Place: Boat #22, Walleye Dan Eigen (Guide), Shelly Eigen, Ike Eigen – 8lbs, 15oz
3rd Place: Boat #3, Al Lindner (Guide), Jack Norqual, Ron Ess – 7lbs, 8oz

Northern Awards:
1st Place: Boat #27, Dennis Mackendanz (Guide), Diane Abbett, Jane Roehl – 21lbs, 10oz
2nd Place: Boat #28, Gary Pearson (Guide), Dwanne Winters, Ron Anderson – 15lbs, 8oz
3rd Place: Boat #33, Aaron Schroeder (Guide), Gene Debusk, Lance Diekman – 12lbs, 10oz

Mixed Bag Awards:
1st Place: Boat #7, Bill Scherck (Guide), Rob Swenda, Karen Swenda – 15lbs, 1oz
2nd Place: Boat #37, Rod Buckingham (Guide), Jason Rasinski, Jerry Adams – 10lbs, 6oz
3rd Place: Boat #12, Todd Bollig (Guide), Travis Grossman, Sandy Smith – 9lbs, 10oz

Thanks for letting Madden’s host again this year. Congratulations to all of the winners and thank you for supporting Camp Confidence. Elizabeth


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