Camp Confidence Golf Tournament A Success

17 Jun

Jeff Olson, Executive Director at Camp Confidence

Camp Confidence held its annual Golf Classic at Madden’s The Classic golf course this afternoon. The day started out bright and sunny at the 1:30 shotgun start, but it got a little rainy later in the game. Personally, I think it is because I showed up. When I grabbed my camera to go take photos, it wasn’t raining. A minute after I stepped outside, it began! So, I send my apologies to those out golfing. Sorry for the rain!

I did get several nice pictures even through the rain. To the left are two gentlemen putting.

On the right is the Executive Director of Camp Confidence, Jeff Olson. Rain or shine, he was determined to make the event a success. And it was. All of the spots for the tournament were filled: 150 people in total.

The event was sponsored by many area businesses. I have to admit my favorite was Jake’s. They had BBQ pork sandwiches out in the middle of the course! Oh, and I tested them (for blog purposes only of course!). Trust me, they were delicious.
I don’t want to take away from all of the other sponsors though so I took a photo of the banner. Had to make sure to put a plug in for all of the supporters of Camp Confidence–it is such a fantastic program!

Erica & Jami of Jake's City Grill serve tournament guests BBQ Pork Sandwiches.

Sponsors of Camp Confidence's Golf Classic

Results to come as soon as I find out!

**How did you do in the tournament? Comment or email me at**

All the best, Elizabeth


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