Fishing Conditions: June 14, 2011

14 Jun

A note from Elizabeth

I’m happy to announce another new “regular” feature writer to our Madden’s blog: Walleyedan. Walleyedan is a fishing guide service provided by Mr. Walleyedan himself and other experienced fisherman. Throughout Walleyedan’s posts he will provide updates on fishing conditions, share pointers and tips, explain fishing terms, and more. Have something fishing related you want to learn about? Comment below or email Check out his website to learn more!

From Walleyedan:

Found nice walleyes out this morning that were cooperating [they were biting]. Depths of 14-20 feet were the best. We were fishing with lindy-rigging with 4 inch red-tail chubs on the windswept shorelines.

Bass and pike are becoming more active as the water is warming up.

Until next time, Walleyedan

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